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Galleon Slots

You've got a chance to win money in a game with pirate only by pulling a handle. Be careful, he doesn't want to share his treasures with you. The designers of Galleon Slots give you an opportunity to enjoy the unique graphics of a likable game space and

Download xbox video games free  v.8.0

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Download 7 Wonders II Free Game  v.5.0.0

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YASG: Yet Another Snake Game Free  v.

In Yet Another Snake Game you need to keep Yasg well fed while helping him navigate a maze of rooms and levels. Watch out for obstacles and his own ever growing body. Each level has a different graphical theme. The first is a very simple black and

License Plate State Game (Free)  v.

Remember the days of old, when you were a kid, driving in the car long distances with your family and you'd play the license plate game? Well, here it is on your windows mobile 7 device. Track the states as you see the license plates.

The Stock Game Free  v.

Rated second best in the survey for WP7 games! More than 320 ratings of 4 or 5 stars, thanks to all users. You search an app for the stock market? Use the best, try the "The Stock Game" Trade on the markets around the world, with

Supa Slots Game  v.1

This file was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3.

Bubble Game Free  v.

Select a group of adjoining bubbles of the same color to remove them from the screen. All remaining bubbles to the top and left will shift down and to the right. The more bubbles eliminated at once, the higher the points added to your score. This

Fish Game Free  v.

Lead your fish to each goal to save them and score points. Stay close to your fish or they will wander

Caveman Slots

In the atmosphere of mystery a torch is burning. It highlights the cave which is smugglers' refuge. This cave keeps a lot of their secrets. The game Caveman Slots opens all of them and helps to become a treasure owner. At the beginning of the game you

Paleolithic Slots

Paleolithic Slots is a fun game, which takes you into the past. You find yourselves in prehistoric jungle staring at a real mammoth and this gray giant is looking at you too and smiling! You have a chance to win money only by pulling a handle of a slot

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